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Contest! [Nov. 21st, 2005|12:25 pm]
Budokai <3


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Okay, forget the whole art contest.

This is a fan fiction contest due 21st of Dec. A large amount of people need longer time I will extend it.

The theme is a holiday based story with Trunks. You can do Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hannkah, Kwanza, whatevers. :3 I'll be finishing the one I never finished. Mine was more Vegeta based, but Trunks is a main supporting character somewhat. I'm not in the contest anyways. :P

Please have it someone you wrote just for this contest. If its seen already posted on a website or fanfiction.net or any other sites, you will be disqualfied.

Prizes will be whatever you pick. First place gets first pick, between paid account or some fun Trunks toys I could physically send you. Pretty much, first place would have choice of year paid account or a ton of Trunks stuff. Second place will have choice of 6 month paid account or some Trunks stuff. Third place will have choice of a two month paid account or one Trunks thing. ^_^ Have fun!